Kha 16.1

Kha 16.1 is out now on haxelib.

Kha got a big makeover. Samples and tutorials have been updated. Most importantly the concept of rooms was removed, but can easily be reimplemented on top of the new asset subsystem.

Highlights include:

  • project.kha is replaced by the much more powerful khafile.js
  • Fonts are rasterized at runtime (using a Haxe port of stb_truetype)
  • graphics4 was tweaked to run fast on the upcoming graphics5
    • All render state (shaders, blending modes,…) is compiled in a PipelineState
  • Convenient cross-platform support for instanced rendering
  • Asset handling is much more flexible
    • Handle assets manually and use Assets.loadImageFromPath and Assets.imageFormats
    • Add assets in the khafile and access them using Assets.images.image_name
  • Shaders are packed into the executable
    • Access using Shaders.shader_name

Known issues:

  • VR support is not yet in a usable state.
  • Haxe 3.2 has several problems which can be avoided by using a nightly build or the git version of Kha:
    • It creates slow C++ code due to a constructor inlining bug.
    • The standard library contains a bug that prevents the Java based Android target from working.