Kha 15.8

Kha 15.8 is out now on haxelib.

This is some of the new stuff:

  • Android support is back in full force
    • Kha now has two fully working Android backends: android (Java based) and android-native (C++ based).
  • Windows 10 and Visual Studio 2015 support
    • This was supported before but has now been updated for the final release versions. This includes of course full support for Windows Universal applications (via khamake windowsapp).
  • IntelliJ IDEA support
    • khamake now creates IDEA projects next to the hxml and FlashDevelop files.
  • Audio2 was extended to support optional hardware audio decoding
    • This is actively used by the Flash and HTML5 backends.
  • Performance improvements with small api changes
    • FastFloat, FastVector and FastMatrix types have been added. These use 32 bit floats where possible. Please only use those in rendering code where small differences in calculation precisions do not matter. Float32Array has been replaced with a custom implementation. You might have to update small parts of your code to use the new types where you interface with Graphics2 or Graphics4.
  • SIMD support
    • The kha.simd package includes a Float32x4 type - this currently supports basic math, is mapped to SSE instructions when possible and falls back to serial code where it isn’t. The api is very similar to SIMD.js which will of course be supported when it becomes available.
  • Lots of updates to krafix
    • The new shader compiler is now much more robust.

Known issues:

  • Kha on haxelib is considerably slower than Kha on git for all C++ targets. This is due to some updates to the Haxe compiler and will accordingly be resolved with the next Haxe release.
  • VR and multiplayer support is not yet in a usable state.