Kha 15.10

Kha 15.10 is out now on haxelib.

There was no 15.9, because releases were moved to the beginning of the month, which is a little nicer. The list for this month is small, but includes two huge features:

  • Direct3D 12 support
    • The most complex graphics backend yet. This of course also paves the way for Vulkan support.
  • OS X 10.11 support
    • There was a little problem in the GL context initialization.
  • Direct AGAL support in krafix
    • No more calls to the old shader compiler.

The old shader compiler will be phased out in the next release - and with it the –nokrafix option. If you are still using the –nokrafix option please report your remaining issues.

Known issues:

  • VR and multiplayer support is not yet in a usable state.
  • Haxe 3.2 has several problems which can be avoided by using a nightly build or the git version of Kha:
    • It creates slow C++ code due to a constructor inlining bug.
    • The standard library contains a bug that prevents the Java based Android target to work.
    • It is broken on OS X 10.11 because it installs to a location which is now blocked.